Supreme Pilates Pro w/Ballet Barre Toning Tower is made of the highest quality materials for the Pilate’s professional or regular Pilates consumer.
In fact, the Supreme Pilates Pro is designed so that anyone can use it. Pilates may seem complicated and something that you need an instructor in order to learn the workouts. Well, with our new Supreme Pilates Pro, we developed a machine that takes “complicated” out of Pilates and makes it fun, easy and effective.  
The 8-Basic Moves DVD will take you through the main moves that get you results! Once you learn these 8, you’re on your way to getting all the benefits of a studio style Pilates workout in the comfort of your own home.
The Resistance Coils really come in handy when you want to bust out with a cardio routine for your legs. You can alternate legs or work them together. 
The Tower is easily adjustable for different level of resistance or for height adjustment when you’re using your Barre. The Ballet Burn workout DVD gives you a true studio Barre experience in the comfort of your own home. Fully adjustable and heavy gauge steel makes the Barre extremely stable. 
Supreme Pilates Pro works better than most Ab Machines on the market today. Just use the Pilates Swing-thru Bar and get the ultimate ab workout that’s guaranteed to have you on the way to a more fit and healthier you!
If your upper body is the focus, we got you covered! Just use the Upper Body Bar and workout your upper body with ease. The resistance coils offer you a no-impact workout. 
Posture, Posture, Posture! Everyone always tells us to straighten up and keep your back in line. Now, with the Supreme Pilates Pro, you can stretch out and practice getting your posture perfect!
The true Pilates aficionados will the way the Toning Tower give the ability to perform the classic Pilates 100’s. If you’re new, no worries, the DVDS will teach you how to do this fun and effective move